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Bower helps you follow your product's life cycle, interact with your customers, and reach new wider audiences.

Less than 15% of plastic packaging gets recycled.
Let's change that.

Bower helps you reach your sustainability goals, strengthen your brand and get invaluable insights about your consumers. Join the recycling revolution, the planet needs you. 





Scannable products

1,500,000 kg+

Reduced carbon dioxide

39 million+


App Store Rating

Bower rewards recycling of all consumer packaging.

Users get rewarded. You can reach your recycling goals, get insights, and be with your customers post-purchase. 



App store rating

We've got some of the world's largest FMCG brands onboard. Are you a smaller brand? Don't fret. Bower is for everyone. 


As you see, you'll be in great company.

"Bower made us realize how easy it can be to make a change. Easy to implement and a fast way of making a difference."


We're continuously expanding into new countries with our scalable recycling solution. Get in touch to learn more about our upcoming launches. 



Big or small. We want everyone to join Bower.

Our pricing model is built on a flexible annual subscription partnership based on packaging volume, number of brands and markets. 

0-10,000 packages


Price is calculated for 1 brand, 1 market (Sweden) and 10,000 packages.


fr. 999 EUR


10,000-250,000 packages

Price is calculated for 1 brand, 1 market (Sweden) and 250,000 packages.


fr. 2,490 EUR


250,000+ packages

Book a meeting with our sales team to get a price estimation.

Get to know your consumers. Bower helps you understand your consumers more deeply so you can find new ways to better cater to their needs and make them happy. 

Interact with your consumers through email, in-app messages or push notifications. Check-in to say hello, or why not ask them what they think about your brand? 

Get real-time communication

Get to know your customers

Strengthen your brand presence

Get seen in a context where environmental impact means something. Our users range from teenagers to seniors and they interact with Bower on a nearly daily basis.

Introduce yourself

You just need to upload your company details in our simple onboarding.

Upload your data

Select which products you want to connect, and what you want to offer our users.


Users can now recycle your packages. As easy as 1-2-3.

Get started with Bower today.

If you are a packaging waste collector in a different country, we are keen to explore similar ways to collaborate to ensure increased sorting and recycling for a more sustainable world.

If you are a producer and a customer of FTI, you will receive a discount for joining Bower. 

Bower ❤️ FTI

Bower and the Swedish Packaging Collection Service, FTI, have joined forces in a collaboration aiming to increase sorting and recycling of household packaging. Every package counts and one step towards circularity is to reward consumers for sorting and to connect consumers and producers around sustainable packaging. 

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